duplex flat renovation and expansion at cervelló, 2008

Program: Duplex flat renovation and expansion

Authors: Lluís Avellan, Joan Espinàs

Location: Cervello

Client: Private

Date: 2008

Surface: 185 m2

Partners: José Manuel Martínez, architect, Francesc Guillén, technical architect.

The project involved the formation of a duplex flat connecting the attic with the lower-deck of a building between party walls.

Space is split in two areas; the living area (upstairs) and sleeping area (ground floor).

The lower-deck was enabled regaining the original structure of concrete beams and discovering the natural fall of ceilings corresponding to the building roof.

Two terraces enclosed by large windows were formed, ensuring natural light and an open floor plan with kitchen open to living room and the study.

The staircase in the center of the floor sets the boundaries between the different parts.