farmhouse rehabilitation at l’estany, 2008

Program: Farmhouse rehabilitation

Authors: Josep Maria Linares, Lluís Avellan

Location: L’Estany

Client: Private

Date: 2008

Area: 118 m2

Builder: Construccions J.Farras, S.L.

Rehabilitation of Masonry of “Molí Gran de l’Estany”.

The house was built next to the old mill town is located in a privileged environment, surrounded by vegetation typical of the Bages.

The project was based on two axes: open the house to the garden; interior distribution and order according to the original volume using the original materials (stone and wood).

It was designed from the outside in. Through the garden was redistributed the whole house, restoring and creating new openings to the outside, overcoming different inner slopes by leveling the ground floor and dividing the distribution into two areas: the back garden facing rooms and the rest (living room and kitchen) facing the main garden.

Two entrances were created. Access for cars taking advantage of a lateral gravel in the garden through the loft (lobby and study) and through the garden.