house at lluena, 2015

Program: Single family

Authors: Joan Espinàs, Lluis Avellan

Location: Camallera, Girona

Client: Private

Date: 2014-2015

Area: 300 m2

Partners: Francesc Guillén, technical architect, Xevi Prat, architect

Builder: Construccions Valldevià s.l.

The property is situated on a generously sized plot plot, in an area near the town of Camallera. The land has a gentle slope and enjoys excellent views over the plain of the Empordà.

The building consists of two main volumes, one for daytime activities (living and dining) and the other for the rooms that are distributed both ground floor and in a small mezzanine where the master bedroom is located. Between the two volumes a transitional space let organize the housing access and circulations, both horizontally on the ground floor and vertical communication with the mezzanine and the basement, where the garage and the winery are located.

The main volumes, law enforcement, are solved with traditional materials (stone walls and tile pitched roofs), while the central body is solved in a more contemporary form, flat roofs and concrete walls of glass and wood.

The result is a traditional farmhouse reinterpretation using the usual materials of these kind of buildings but arranged in new volumetrics and with particular emphasis on indoor-outdoor transition spaces, such as various porches that are around housing and central space, intended as a greenhouse in winter and as outdor porch in summer.