house renovation at cervelló, 2014

Program: Housing renovation

Authors: Lluís Avellan, Joan Espinàs

Location: Cervelló

Client: Private

Date: 2014

Area: 165 m2

This is a house located on a plot of 900 m2 outside the village.

The project involved opening the house to the garden; improve the indoor-outdoor relationship and conditions of use and occupancy by altering the distribution and renovation of existing facilities and finishes.

Was created a central core; pickup services (laundry and bathroom, storage and a fireplace that clearly divides housing in the private area and the social, which is used in order to create different spaces and functions linking the different stays of the house.

The connection to the outside was solved by forming openings-accesses in three out of four sides looking for a continuous and fluid space. A continuous indoor-outdoor sequence that goes from the pool to the car parking area was created.